More Fantasy

Enjoy WRAITHLING BORN, a romance fantasy, TERTIARY LANDS, a short-story compilation, and SECONDARY WORLDS, a sci-fi & fantasy poetry book.

Wraithling Born

Follow an epic journey of fantasy and adventure as Scholar and Artist hunt the origins of the elusive Djinn. Trekking across exotic lands and over raging seas, they journey to the volcanic island home of demons of smoke and ash. Will they survive finding what they are both seeking so desperately?

Tertiary Lands

STORIES TO TAKE YOU TO NEW WORLDS - With a range of subject matter from fairies to bigfoot to monsters to zombies to sirens to aliens, dive into these ten new stories from San Antonio Sci-Fi & Fantasy Authors' second compilation, a follow-up to their award-winning SFF poetry book. Featuring stories by C.M. Bratton, Kevin Looney, Patrick Neal, JT Street, and Michael Wigington, take a step into unexpected directions and explore the wonders and horrors of these TERTIARY LANDS.

Secondary Worlds

Check out sci-fi & fantasy as you've never seen it before - in this first volume of poetry! Presented by the San Antonio Sci-Fi & Fantasy Author's Association.