The Dragonlady & Dragonlord Trilogies

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three epic dark fantasy trilogies.

(Caution: some volumes contain extreme graphic adult content.)

The Dragonlady Trilogy Omnibus

2017 Best Book Dark Fantasy Series Winner! An epic dark fantasy where evil reigns and good has been locked away...

The Dragonlord Trilogy Omnibus

2018 Best Book Fantasy Series Winner! The entire epic in a single volume!

The Dragonlife Trilogy

The entire epic in a single volume!

Body of Torment, Book I of the Dragonlife Trilogy

A WORLD RIPPED ASUNDER... A LIFE REBORN...The world is at peace at last. After the loss of their leader, the draonds have retreated to their fortress in the northern wastes, leaving the dragons and their allies time to heal and rebuild. But driven mad by the death of her father-lover, the cruel Makhairanne creates a spell to gain the power and allies she needs to find her revenge.When the Dragonlady and her Bonded fly to investigate the shaking of the mountain, they find more than they expect: a powerful almost-dragon from another world, near-death and covered in ashes. But the Balance is ever at work, and word soon arrives with devastating news: dragons have been sighted… and unlike any dragons before, these dragons want to kill.

Mind of Desolation, Book II of the Dragonlife Trilogy

REMEMBER YOUR NAME... The unthinkable has happened, and Lethien is now under control of Rane's worst enemy. But the dragons she traded his life for a near death, horribly disfigured by their treatment as the hands of the draonds. Yet as Rane fights to give the dragons the strength to endure and plan a rescue, a far subtler battle is being waged inside Lethien, whose blood is encased in ice and memories locked away. But a new voice full of rage whispers inside him, echoing a name he doesn't recognize in a mind filled with desolation... And in the end, Rane will fight in the way she knows best - by using herself as a sacrifice for those she loves..

Spirit of Rebirth, Book III of the Dragonlife Trilogy

THE END NEARS...Lethien is running out of time. Every moment, Cailenn gains strength, eating away at Lethien’s soul. Rane fights with every power at her disposal to find the places of healing for a chance to save Lethien and stop Cailenn’s return. At the same time, dragons battle dragons as Makhairanne leads her forces to destroy her enemies once and for all. Driven mad by the loss of her father, she will summon the darkest forces she can to bring down the dragons and rule the world. Forced to push their powers to the limit while still guarding dragonlife, Jaellynth, Orianaya, and Rothsarien must fight every instinct to protect Rane and Lethien, instead engaging in battle after battle to keep Makhairanne from finding her quarry.As the final battle approaches, Rane and Lethien must travel farther than they ever imagined in order to save both of their worlds, taking them inside the void to a confrontation neither ever dreamed.In the end, choices must be made that can tear souls apart or save the world.

Sand: the Way Out

In a world where Good has been subdued and Evil reigns, old powers stir... Deadforce rules in a decaying land, and Magick has grown weak. Atop his fortress of ice, the High Overlord sits secure on the decadent, agony-powered throne of his empire. Only in dreams does a thread of dragonforce live on. Across the continent, a captive laborer Remembers hope and begins to dream. Yet to find the absent dragons and restore the Balance, this slave must risk everything to escape, enduring pain, humiliation, and haunting visions of the past. But will the price become too high - and the scars too deep - before finding the way out?

Stone: the Way In

The mer slave Rane has managed to accomplish the impossible: escape. But true freedom remains elusive as long as the Draond Empire endures and the dragons remain gone. Rane must survive the wasteland to reach the mountains, where the elusive witch Naris lives. Naris is Rane's last chance at freeing the Yinn's, but all is not as it seems. The only true hope left is to find the dragons and free them - a task Rane must undertake alone. But far to the North, the High Overlord plots, preparing for the return of the dragons and what it might mean: the return of the Dragonlady. Yet he remains undefeated, for he has not forgotten the rules of the Balance: those who channel must choose. And not all choices lead to the paths of the dragons.

Ice: the Way Within

The Stunning Conclusion to the Dragonlady Saga... Rane has been captured and taken to the heart of the Draond Empire, where she is placed under the control of the High Overlord Cailenn. Unwilling to hurt the dragons to which she is Bonded, Rane willingly undergoes torture and manipulation as Cailenn attempts to turn her into another draond. Rane finds her very essence torn asunder as she struggles between dragonforce and the darkness she has always felt pulling inside her. But in order to give in to the Overlord and end her torment, she must betray the dragons and the essence of who she has struggled to become. The battle rages within her, spilling over until the dragons themselves and an army of allies confront the draond forces for a final time. Horrifyingly outnumbered, the dragons must wait as Rane and Cailenn face off in a far subtler war - one which will end in either the death of the dragons, or the defeat of the draonds. Yet either choice results in the greatest sacrifice Rane has ever had to make...

Sea: the Cold Below

Dragonkind is at an end. In a desperate attempt to save the survivors, a new spell is created, one that will allow dragons to live on - at great cost to all the races of the Pact... Centuries later, Rothsarien of Clan Acamarian has a problem: his older brother. Wrethrian has created a mountain stronghold where the inhabitants worship him - against every law of the Pact. When Rothsarien goes to investigate on behalf of his clan leader father, he finds far more than he expected in the form of an imprisoned sythren. The young Rothsarien refuses to make a fateful choice until vision-riddled Wrethrian decides destiny cannot be avoided, no matter the price... no matter the sacrifice.

Sky: the Flight Above

Twenty years have passed since Rothsarien's agonizing loss. He has spent the intervening time fueling his hatred and stoking his rage... Across the sea on a guarded continent, the young boy Alari grows into a man, gaining the title of Dragonlord along the way. Yet he suffers from a mysterious illness that leeches his strength and hurts those around him. When Alari's sickness permanently damages the daughter of one the family allies, he must go forth and hunt two dragons in recompense. At the same time, Rothsarien travels forth in search of the ancient enemies of his kind. Alari and Rothsarien head invitably towards each other, setting the stage for a battle neither one can prepare for... yet neither one can win...

Inferno: the War Between

War is at hand, a war none of the Pact expected. A war with ancient enemies long-thought defeated. A war none now alive know how to win. Blood fills the land, blood of the innocent slain in revenge for a grievance long=since harbored. The more Rothsarien flies to aid the Clans, the more destruction he encounters. Meanwhile, back on his mountain, Wrethrian’s long-held plans come to fruition… and much loss. But there is still a chance, buried beneath the sea. A slim chance held in the hands of the dying Lethien. But can he survive the inferno in his blood long enough to complete the purpose for which he was born, or will the world be destroyed by the enraged, relentless fire of the Exiled?